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Triennale Teatro dell'Arte

Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano MI, Italia

An opportunity for music initiatives and for culture?

With the recent measures approved by Parliament at the end of 2017 it was intended to extend the use of the Art Bonus to several other “categories” of the entertainment world. Unfortunately, the desired “extension to all subjects” has not occurred (even in the context of jazz, many initiatives are not included in the legislation). However, it is undoubted that also in Italy we are finally heading towards the development of tools designed to facilitate the intervention of companies and private individuals in support of live and jazz performances.
Already applied for some time within the Cultural Heritage and, more recently by Symphonic Lyrical Foundations and Theaters of Tradition, the Art Bonus is therefore ready to confront the needs of a wider sphere of operators in the entertainment world and we ask ourselves if, at this point of the path, some considerations can already be made on the use of this tool, on the critical issues that arise, on the adequacy of the norm.
All in a context in which, in the face of an increasingly reduced capacity on the part of public bodies to support culture and entertainment, it makes it extremely urgent to also take other roads to give stability to a system too many times in difficulty.

Presenter: Gianni Pini | President I-Jazz Association

Partecipants: Mario De Simoni | President and AD of Ales, Andrea Rebaglio | Deputy Director of the Cariplo Foundation Art and Culture Area, Alessandra Pellegrini| Fundraiser Fondazione Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Carolina Botti | Director of public-private relations and financing projects for Ales spa

Free entrance until full capacity is reached

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