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· 17:30



Via Privata Ettore Paladini, 8, 20133 Milano MI, Italia

music by Antonio Raia
produced by Clean Feed Records

The idea of ​​the timbric world of the saxophone explored to its limits while “the voice of the saxophone (tenor) is removed from the superfluous” is manifested in “Asylum”.

Antonio Raia‘s compositions vary from graphic scores, written notes and drawings to frequency indications and spontaneous improvisations, without post-production of any kind.

The sound engineer and electro-acoustic composer Renato Fiorito is an integral part of the project and added value live, he designed the recording process of the disk with 10 microphones strategically placed in a room of 1000 cubic meters.

The result is very different from anything Raia has done before in live collaborations with prominent figures such as Adam Rudolph, Elio Martusciello, Chris Corsano and Alvin Curran.

It is not easy to delimit the borders of Asylum with labels – jazzcore, electro-acoustic improvisation, music for images – so listening remains the supreme judge.

Antonio Raia | sax, Renato Fiorito | sound engineer and electronics


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